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Preserving environmental resources with technology

The evolution of society and the digital revolution has meant that technology has a strong impact on the environment. The need for green, and thus clean, technology is now a global prerogative.

Pollution has reached extreme thresholds, so much so that in 2023, in just 7 months, humanity has consumed the renewable fruits that the Earth offers us every year. 2 August 2023, in fact, was Earth Overshoot Day, the day when the overexploitation of the planet begins. As of today, therefore, we have exceeded the bio-capacity provided by forests, fields, fishing grounds and so on, and we are already consuming resources that we would need in the future. This results in the impoverishment and increased pollution of the Earth.

Technology, however, is not just a negative feedback, it can actually become a real opportunity. Let’s see how.

The ecological opportunity of technology

Adopting sustainable approaches and achieving green goals has now become not only a goal to be desired but a duty to be fulfilled by all conscious citizens.

Innovative solutions need to be found with cutting-edge technologies that pay attention to sustainability, reuse, the circular economy and society. Today, people must exploit the ecological opportunity that technology offers: from the use of recycled materials to energy-efficient consumption, from sustainable urbanization to controlled productivity.

The development of new sustainable solutions in all areas provides significant benefits for individuals and companies:

  • reducing environmental impact, containing pollution and preserving nature;
  • creating a circular economy that reduces production and disposal costs by continuously transforming waste into valuable resources;
  • optimizing work and making the economy more efficient by not only focusing on the present but also looking to the future;
  • improving the quality of life for businesses and individuals by using renewable energy and reducing waste.

Green technologies and sustainable approaches can truly create a sustainable future.

The sustainability of Omninext

Sustainable technology is possible and must be implemented more and more. The Omninext Group is committed to improving itself over time and already presents strong realities that reflect the values of technological research and sustainability.

Omnienergy is the digital platform that provides a predictive system for the energy production of renewable energy plants, optimizing performance and ensuring the launch of a circular economy model. Read more: 

Sevara is the monitoring system that allows public administrations, private individuals and insurance companies to monitor territories and limit environmental and urban risk using satellite images and AI models. Read more: 

Swarm-Net research allowed the development of a system for the management and monitoring of water resources, which aims to administer plants intelligently, increasing efficiency and generating smart cities. Read more: 

Finally, the Taranto project concerns technologies and processes for the abatement of pollutants and the reclamation of contaminated sites with the recovery of raw materials and the production of totally green energy. Read more: 

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