Omninext Kick Off 2023

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Omninext Kick Off 2023

From 14 to 16 September 2023, the Omninext Group held its kick off event at the Rosa Marina resort in Ostuni (BR). The occasion brought together the leadership and all employees of the 4 company offices: Bari, Rome, Milan and Podgorica. The objective was to share the results achieved to date and outline the Group’s future strategy.

Today: The Group nowadays

To date, Omninext has managed to create an ecosystem rich in innovative companies. These realities operate in multidisciplinary sectors – Fintech, Environment, R&D – with specialized teams that collaborate with each other and with Universities and Research Centres to constantly find new solutions. 

An ecosystem in constant evolution and promoter of innovation is, in fact, the mission of Omninext, which has achieved important results: 4 offices, 28 employees, 3 languages spoken, more than 10 projects launched, more than 30 partners between universities, research centers and companies, and funding received for more than 8 million euro.

Tomorrow: future strategy

The company kick off event was much more than just a meeting. It proved to be a key moment for corporate culture and strategy. 

Seeing the results achieved by the Group and the various teams, knowing in detail all the projects and future prospects, understanding the leadership’s wishes and the path the Group will pursue to achieve its mid and long-term goals, made employees more aware and determined.

Indeed, the kick off event confirmed the Omninext Group’s desire to reflect its vision in its actions: to be pioneers of innovation for a sustainable future.

“The Omninext Kick Off 2023 event was a moment of reflection and sharing for our Group. Analyzing the results achieved to date and establishing those we wish to achieve, it outlined the path the Group wants to follow for the future”

Vincenzo Sarcina, CEO & Founder

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