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Digital Wallet: what it is and why to use it

The Digital Wallet is an electronic payment system that allows economic transactions without using cash or a physical credit card. We can imagine it as a virtual wallet, which remains pocket-size thanks to an app.

In today’s fast moving and constantly evolving society, banking and financial services must respond to the new needs of their customers. Thus the idea of a digital wallet to manage payments in a simple and secure way to complement or replace the more traditional methods. 

The digital wallet, in fact, makes it possible to pay online and in person, via app or software, after having stored and archived the payment data, thus avoiding being tied to physical credit cards or cash.

Attention to security

Digital wallets are conceived and designed with the fundamental principle of data protection. Payment information is never shared in order to guarantee the security of the transaction, and each movement (except for small amounts) requires recognition of the person, either by password, fingerprint, double authentication or facial recognition. 

Credit Management

The digitisation of banking services has enabled better management of personal financial resources. From the possibility of observing expenses and the flow between income and expenditure, to monthly or annual reports, to the creation of virtual piggy banks. Digital wallets have made these functionalities even easier to manage; everything is available at the click of a button and on a smartphone. In addition, it is possible to manage credit between several accounts, enter all the cards you have, choose which account to use as a priority and change it at any time directly from your phone, even on the move. 

Efficiency of use

Having a digital wallet means optimizing resources and managing time better. Having everything at one click, via app or software, allows people not only to have their assets easily under control but also to manage them with a single system without wasting time on time-consuming operations.

Digital wallet with Remoney

With Remoney, the Omninext Group provides an easy, secure and multifunctional smart digital payment system. With Remoney, it is possible to link cards and accounts, accumulate cashback, and send and receive money. Contact authorized advisors and find out how you can differentiate your company’s services.

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