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Omninext new brand identity

Omninext chose to renew its brand image by redefining the logo and creating a new website. A fresh design that better reflects the group’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation and a new user experience that is more usable and performant.

Omninext is an ecosystem of companies specializing in digitising businesses. Each company influences the work of the others and collaborates strategically to ensure constant evolution. A group composed of interconnected teams of specialists operating in different sectors offering cutting-edge solutions in many areas of business, including:

  • Software Development
  • Machine Learning
  • UX/UI Design
  • Digital Payment
  • Data-Driven Technology
  • Corporate Welfare 
  • Smart cities
  • Territory monitoring
  • Environmental Risk
  • Recovery & Recycle 

Ominext is a constantly evolving ecosystem and promoter of innovation. The group invests in R&D by collaborating with universities and research centres to enable its companies to guarantee the best services. The group supports public and private companies in their digital transformation by developing solutions capable of generating products and services that meet corporate expectations with customized and advanced functionalities. 

In rebranding the corporate image, everything was designed to best reflect the values that drive this ecosystem. 

From the renewal of the logo, it was decided to give value to the central graphic core that represents an arrow, a direction towards the goals to be achieved. Progress when looking to the right, because we innovate the present; Love, when looking downwards it recalls the shape of a heart, because we are driven by passion for our work; Top when looking upwards, because we always aim for the best.

Driven by the passion for digital innovation, the Omninext group wants to develop new solutions and ensure a sustainable future. Enhance Together 

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