Forum Belgrado

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Cooperation between Italy and Serbia at Forum in Belgrade

The Omninext group attended the Forum of Economic and Scientific Cooperation in Belgrade, the largest meeting between Serbian and Italian entrepreneurs in the last ten years.

The Forum was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and ICE-Agency and was held in Belgrade from 20 to 22 March 2023

Important numbers were reached: over 800 entrepreneurs, 500 companies and more than 500 B2B meetings to implement economic cooperation between Serbia and Italy.

The aim of the Forum was to focus on the possibilities of success that collaboration between Italy and Serbia could bring in terms of markets, investments, research and development, technology, as well as the possibility of facing common challenges together such as energy security, connectivity, digital transformation and sustainable development.

“As an innovation ecosystem that puts research and development at the center to realize innovative digital solutions, with the aim of improving business efficiency and achieving sustainable growth, our participation to the Forum allowed us to present our solutions and develop relationships that I believe will lead the group to reach new frontiers in a country with great potential and together with realities ready for digital transformation” – Vincenzo Sarcina, Ceo & Founder Omninext
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