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What is done in Research & Development?

Advances in science, medicine, technology, and so on, are possible mainly thanks to Research and Development. Research and development means, in fact, implementing a series of activities with the aim of increasing knowledge and using that knowledge to create new applications.

The innovation process behind Research and Development

Innovation means developing new products or making improved versions of existing ones. The innovation process is made up of those activities whose purpose is to discover more efficient solutions. Let us see what these activities are.

It starts with a survey to find out the current state of products and technologies in a particular field in order to understand the starting point that will later lead to the development and acquisition of new knowledge.

The activity carried out immediately after the survey is the data collection process. All the information collected is acquired and combined with scientific and technological data from that particular historical period, thus also coming from other contexts. In this way, the knowledge base from which the research starts can be structured.

Next, the research focuses on defining the key elements useful for achieving the objective: from the technologies that will be used, to the necessary instrumentation, to the materials useful for the creation of a possible prototype.

This brings the research to the crucial point where experiments and tests are carried out, where the newly discovered knowledge is proven, and thus confirmed or disproved.

Once the new product or a better version of an existing one has been imagined, feasibility studies are carried out. These help determine whether the development is actually feasible and prototypes are also created.

If all research steps are fulfilled and passed, then the new solution is developed to be marketed.

The importance of collaboration in Research and Development

The R&D process works effectively if there is real collaboration between science and technology, between different industries, between researchers, institutions and countries.

Sharing knowledge, tools, technologies and resources makes it possible to achieve the desired progress. The growth of an economy and society can only happen with the progress that Research & Development can provide.

Research & Development at Omninext

Omninext is an interconnected ecosystem of highly specialized companies that design and develop solutions aimed at constant improvement for technological innovation by working together with universities and specialized R&D centers.

The Group’s objective is to create new assets by sharing skills and knowledge. In this way, it is possible to enrich and consolidate human and scientific assets, ensuring a continuous evolution designed for a sustainable and interconnected transformation.

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