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In recent years, the increasingly rapid advancement of technology and the emergence of new needs have led people to seek easy and immediate solutions.

Just as waiting a few seconds longer for a website to load does not find user satisfaction, similarly, complex solutions that are slow in progress do not satisfy new businesses.

Simplicity is the new keyword to keep in mind in modern consulting because it is the real driver of growth. Let’s look at some concrete examples where we at Omninext have put simplicity at the center and achieved great success.

Intuitive user interface with Omninext

Any platform, site or app that intends to operate effectively must be designed with a clear layout and intuitive navigation. In the context of Omninext, our experts in the UX/UI Design team work on defining a precise architecture for all interface elements, along with their functionality. Through meticulous visual organization of information and a linear navigation flow, they aim to make the user experience intuitive and pleasant. By simplifying the interface, they encourage user interaction, generating tangible results.

Welfare at the click of a mouse with MySarma

Corporate welfare is a strategic investment for a company that wants to grow its business by focusing on the wellbeing of its employees. For this to happen successfully, it is essential that the platform through which the welfare credit is managed and used functions flawlessly. MySarma offers companies automated and customized service management that can be used on any device.

Remoney’s quick and easy Digital Wallet

Remoney is the Omninext company that offers a digital payment system based on cashless logic that allows users to have a digital wallet with which to pay, receive and accumulate virtual credits in a circuit created by participating stores and services. The interface is intuitive, payments are made instantly and securely, and the digital wallet can hold as many cards as the user wishes, thus creating a single financial container.

By reducing complexity and improving efficiency, simplicity brings tangible results in business growth. People are looking for tools that are easy to use and usable on any device. The ultimate goal is to create products or services that bring added value to the target audience, making daily activities less stressful because they are simpler and more enjoyable.

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