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Behind the scenes with software developers

Browsing a website and clicking on various icons to be directed to new pages, downloading an app and having fun shopping by choosing from many alternatives. This is what we experience every day, but what we don’t see are the codes that allow each individual element and their whole to function. At the basis of a website or an app, in fact, is the work of software developers.

Who software developers are and what they do

Central figures in the digital world, software developers work in the field of information technology and, through the use of programming languages, frameworks and tools, and the application of solid mathematical and engineering foundations; they design, develop and maintain the platforms and tools that help us in our daily activities and in our work.

Not to be confused with hardware, which is the physical, material part of a system, e.g. the parts that make up a smartphone, software is the non-tangible part of the system, the set of electronic procedures and instructions for processing data. 

The two parts are closely related because the hardware makes it possible for the software to run.

Frontend, Backend and Fullstack

Different type of developer and different goals:

  • the Frontend developer builds the graphical interface considering how users interact with it, ensuring a fast, pleasant and inclusive user experience. It takes care of the correct management of information retrieval logics from the database and also ensures optimal performance and stability in use;
  • the Backend developer, on the other hand, develops the infrastructure, defining its architecture, database and operating systems, monitoring and maintaining the web or mobile application efficiently. He also defines the interface for exposing data to external systems and the protection logic for security;
  • the Fullstack developer has both frontend and backend skills, usually working with vertically specialized developers focusing on optimizing a single element or acting as a bridge between the backend and frontend teams.

Development in Omninext

At Omninext, digital solutions are developed with a solid structure and smooth navigation. From the project planning phase to the release and monitoring phase, systems are managed with the best technologies and in response to the highest security standards.

The group’s backend and frontend developers are not just IT technicians but professionals who believe in the importance of good design and solid architecture to bring innovative solutions to life. 

For more information on the Software Development service offered by Omninext: 

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