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Vulnerability: a Matter of Perspective(s)

On Friday 29 September 2023, the international seminar ‘Vulnerability: a Matter of Perspective(s)’ will be held, the result of a collaboration between the European Research Institute EuriConv and our Omninext Group.

The event will be broadcast online on Microsoft Teams starting at 10am and will be divided into three sessions according to the language in which it will be held:

  • English language session at 10am 
  • Italian language session at 4pm 
  • Spanish and Portuguese language session at 6pm

The seminar is open to all and the link to access, valid for all sessions, is as follows:

“Vulnerability: a Matter of Perspective(s)” is a seminar focusing on Private International Law. In particular, the various sessions of the seminar will explore the different and interdisciplinary perspectives of Private International Law in the context of ‘vulnerability’: from environmental conservation to politics to societal interactions and sustainable progress. The role of Private International Law in contexts such as international conventions and treaties as well as in relation to communities, territories and individuals will be examined. Furthermore, the seminar aims to highlight the importance of Private International Law in the elaboration of concrete solutions that aim to ensure that present and future generations can remain in their homelands and achieve sustainable development in multiple aspects: food, territory, society, finance, technology and artificial intelligence.

Well-known academics and research speakers from Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, India, Portugal and Brazil will take turns in the various sessions and discuss the seminar topics.

Each session will be coordinated by Ivan Allegranti, doctoral student in Civil Law at the University of Camerino, while the coordination of the entire seminar is taken care of by Allegranti himself together with Jorge Gracia Ibáñez and Míriam Villamil Balestro. 

Among the speeches, we would like to highlight the participation of Marco Pietrosanto, Data Scientist of Omninext Group, in the Italian language session at 4pm. His speech will focus on the identification of environmental vulnerability through Artificial Intelligence.

We are delighted to have collaborated with EuriConv for the realization of this seminar on vulnerabilities and how law and science can work in the field of environmental, social and technological sustainability. Research and development, sustainability and growth are founding pillars of our Omninext group and we wish to realize many initiatives in these areas. I invite everyone, technicians and curious citizens, to attend the seminar and share with us thoughts, doubts and curiosity”

Vincenzo Sarcina, CEO & Founder Omninext

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