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Technology supporting sustainability

Sustainability has become a priority for today’s world and technology has always been one of the main tools for evolution. Combining these two elements means ensuring sustainable development.

What is technology?

Technology includes knowledge, techniques and tools that man has developed over time and uses to satisfy specific needs, thus improving his life. We can say that technology has existed since man began building the first tools he needed to satisfy his basic needs. From there, technology has accompanied our society in its evolution, and thanks to R&D studies, it continues to progress and new solutions are developed.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability can be identified as a condition of environmental, economic and social wellbeing that ensures that the needs of the present generation are met without compromising those of future generations.

From the environmental point of view, sustainability means protecting natural resources and the ecosystem; from the economic point of view, sustainable development requires the establishment of an economic system capable of producing constant income and work; social sustainability, on the other hand, is achieved when the conditions of human wellbeing are equally distributed and accessible to all.

How can technology support sustainability?

Technology is one of the enablers of sustainability. Through the progress it ensures, technology can direct the type of development that is created. At the same time, it is crucial to address the environmental and social impacts of the technology itself.

Technology makes it possible to digitize services making them easier and more inclusive, to significantly reduce the use of paper, to optimize tasks, time and costs in production facilities, and so on. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the impact of servers, e-mails and technological equipment, and thus optimize these aspects too in the day-to-day and business choices that are made.

Therefore, the future must be digital and technological, but also green and sustainable.

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